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Website Statistics

The purpose of the DRIHMS web site, at the end of the project, is to continue the dissemination of the achieved results and to provide a point of contact between the Hydro meteo and Grid research communities.


Information about the visitors of the website is  provided by Statcounter, one of the best free web tracker. At the end of the project the site was visited by about 6,506 persons for a total of 18,656 page viewed.
It is to note that the service is based purely on a cookie: therefore if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website. In our case the tracker determined the site was visited by 5,011 distinct persons, and that 1,495 of them visited it at least twice.


The following figures show useful data: the geographic subdivision of the visitors in 2011...

 Web 1


 ... in particular ...


Web 3


... the page loads and the distribution per month.


Web 2