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DRIHMS Workpackages

Work packages


It will address the coordination, financial and administrative management of DRIHMS. The main objective of this WP is the efficient management of all project activities, including communication between partners, co-ordination of actions and monitoring activities and resources for the full duration of the project. The Project coordinator will perform this work in close collaboration with the partners of the consortium in order to monitor the project outcomes. The Project coordinator will also identify actions to avoid any divergence between planned activities and actual work, and it will act as the only interface with the EC personnel.


This work package is devoted to the identification of hydrometeorological hot research areas that require a network-based and distributed approach, in terms of hydrometeorological data and software sharing. The work package will use networking instruments as consultation meetings, questionnaires, communities polling methodologies. The overall objective is to identify current major problems and suggest research policies to eliminate them.


This work package will take advantage of the cross-fertilization process between the HMR and Grid communities devoted to the revision and identification of the key components of HMR applications in the hot areas identified in WP2. This WP is the technological counterpart of the previous  WP2 and will have a similar organization. The specific Grid technical topics that will be addressed are to be defined on the base of cooperation with WP2.


This work package represents a point of reflection and ongoing consolidation of the DRIHMS project activities. During time, opinions that come out along aspects addressed in WP2 and WP3 will be collected and analyzed. A priority list of needs and possibilities will be produced. The results of the prioritization will be presented in a conference with a wide audience and open participation. A white paper summarizes results and outlooks on hydrometeorlogical research based on ICT in terms of: appropriateness to be funded at a European level; likelihood of strong intermediate scientific results; likelihood of strong intermediate results for the creation of HMR tools. Also in this case, as for WP2 and WP3, the main goal is to define the set of priorities in accordance to the indications of stakeholders, and future users of a e-infrastructure for HMR.


The outcomes of the DRIHMS project will be disseminated to the European and worldwide HMR and Grid communities through: a dedicate DRIHMS web-site; a Final conference; on-line and hard copy distribution of DRIHMS white-paper.