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Project networking activities



(N.B. The project pages are kept online as reference and background material, for more recent hydrometeorology-related activities, please consult the website of the DRIHM project!)


The key element of the DRIHMS project will be the organization of a set of networking activities (including web based questionnaires, restricted consultation meetings and open conferences).

The DRIHMS networking activities will allow:

  • to advance the exchange and interfacing of methods and know-how available in both Grid and hydrometeorological communities;
  • the identification, communication and discussion of requirements for porting and deployment of state-of-the-art hydrometeorological research applications and tools over heterogeneous Grid middleware;
  • the assessment of the potential added value of Grid for hydrometeorological research community in terms of lower computing costs, faster project results and qualitatively better product results;
  • the timely provision of updated information on Grid developments and potential benefits to the hydrometeorological research community;
  • the improvement and standardization on research specific services through the exchange/sharing of collective Grid expertise gathered across various hydrometeorological research applications and the collection of feedback from the hydrometeorological research community;
  • the identification of new technical challenges for the Grid community from the hydrometeorological community and the production of recommendations for future actions;
  • the establishment of a cross-fertilization process towards end-user oriented projects in the field of natural hazards risk prevention and mitigation and Grid-related technologies.


These networking activities will find their synthesis in the formulation of a white paper and several scientific research contributions regarding the use of Grid technologies for basic and applied research in the hydrometeorology science area. The document will identify existing gaps (issues such as lack of funding, missing technologies, and limiting factors such as missing communication among different scientific communities) and possible strategies to fill them, thus providing to the EC an effective support for a policy development aimed at strengthening the international cooperation based on e-infrastructure suited for hydrometeorological research and at boosting European HMR potential and its exploitation.

In turn this achievement will have a synergic effect with respect to the development of hydrometeorological operational e-infrastructure like that pursued by the Cyclops action and group and the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative.


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