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CIMA Research Foundation 


The Foundation, named Centro Internazionale In Monitoraggio Ambientale (International Centre On Environmental Monitoring), is a no-profit organization under the Italian Legal Regulations. The hydrometeorology research at CIMA deals with the study of rainfall structure and dynamics, with the identification of coherent patterns in precipitation fields, with the study of convective precipitation properties and with the development and implementation of rainfall downscaling and  hydrological models.CIMA is supported for all ICT and Grid tasks by its staff co-owned with Department of Communication and Computer and System Science(DIST), University of Genova. The quality of services complies with the ISO9001:2000 certification.



Institute for Atmospheric Physics (DLR) 


DLR is involved in research and development activities in co-operation with national and international partners. In addition to its own research efforts as a space agency, DLR is responsible for carrying out the German Aerospace Program on behalf on the federal government. DLR - Institute for Atmospheric Physics (IPA) specialises in atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric trace species, remote sensing, and cloud physics. DLR-IPA and namely the division Cloud Physics and Traffic Meteorology has expertise in advanced radar-meteorology, hydro-meteorological and severe storm research as well as extensive experience in satellite remote sensing of clouds. The group has many years expertise both in performing field experiments with research aircraft, radar, lidar, and satellite instruments and in participating international research projects, such as the EC projects TROCCINOX, EULINOX and AMMA, or recently the international project COPS. The group has extensive experience in operating and adapting numerical models like MM5 and COSMO. The group operates since 1986 the C-band polarization diversity Doppler radar POLDIRAD, which was the first radar in Europe being able to transmit and receive any polarization basis.



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München 

LogoLMUThe research group of Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller at the Department for Informatics of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich is part of the Munich Network Management Team (MNM Team), a group of researchers at LMU, the Technische Universität München (TUM) and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ). The MNM Team is one of the first groups in Germany to have addressed the research area of IT management. The fundamental issues driving the research effort of the MNM team revolve around the manageability of networked and grid systems, including adequate management concepts, tools, and IT processes as well as grid middleware development, grid infrastructure operation and resource management. For several years, comprehensive work has been done on architectures for integrated management and on implementations of distributed management solutions for dedicated management areas, e.g., configuration, accounting, and fault management. The work is based on both intensive scientific research and practical experiences and knowledge gained from intensive co-operations with providers of large heterogeneous networks and with software developers in the field of integrated management.


Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology (IMATI) 


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) is the major public research body in Italy, a multidisciplinary institution that actively participated to the different FP programmes of EC. The Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies (IMATI) is a leading institute in the fields of applied mathematics and Computer science. IMATI has the headquarter in Pavia and branches in Genova and Milano. The institute has a long tradition of participation and coordination of national and international research projects (including coordination of a NoE in the 6th FP, and of two Ideas projects in the 7th FP). IMATI is fully involved in the Grid activities carried out by CNR at the national and international level, including participation to IGI (Italian Grid Infrastructure) and EGI (European Grid Initiative). Presently IMATI actively cooperates to the Open European Network for High Performance Computing on Complex Environments” (COST- Action IC0805 – 2009 – 2012).