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Agenda of the Session at EGU 2011

Chairperson: Dieter Kranzlmueller

13:30–13:45   Steven Newhouse
European E-Infrastructure to Support Environmental Science

13:45–14:00   Stefano Nativi
Earth Sciences Multi-disciplinary Interoperability role in Distributed Research Infrastructures

14:00–14:15   Antonio Plaza
High Performance Computing in Complex Environments: Applications to Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Dorian Gorgan, Danut Mihon, Teodor Stefanut, Victor Bacu, Denisa Rodila
Grid Based Environment Oriented Tools and Applications for Black Sea Catchment Basin

14:15–14:30   Philip Kershaw, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Luca Cinquini, Estanislao Gonzalez, Dennis Heimbigner, and Bryan Lawrence
Access Control Architecture for the Earth System Grid Federation: Building an Infrastructure of Secured Data Access Services for the Climate Science Research Community

14:30–14:45   Jim Freer and the EVOp Team
An Environmental Virtual Observatory pilot (EVOp) for integrated catchment science - A framework for demonstrating national scale modelling of hydrology and biogeochemistry

14:45–15:00   Quillon Harpham, Geoff Pearce, Gordon Glasgow, and Adrian Harper
Fluid Earth - A Platform for Integrated Modelling Using the OpenMI Standard


Chairperson: Antonio Parodi

15:30–15:45   Albrecht Weerts and Peter Gijsbers
Uptake of new technologies by operational hydrologic forecasting agencies

15:45–16:00   Jeffery S. Horsburgh, David G. Tarboton, David R. Maidment, Ilya Zaslavsky, Daniel P. Ames, Jonathan L. Goodall, and Richard P. Hooper
Advancing A Services Oriented Architecture for Sharing Hydrologic Data

16:00–16:15   Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Paola Passalacqua, William E. Dietrich, and Dino Bellugi
Digital Earth: Advancing hydro-geomorphology and hazard prediction 

16:15–16:30   V. Chandrasekar and Masayuki Maki
Development of Distributed Sensing Infrastructure and Flood Monitoring Systems

16:30–16:45   Tiziana Paccagnella, David Richardson, Douglas Schuster, Richard Swinbank, Zoltan Toth, and Steven Worley

16:45–17:00   Mathias Rotach, Marco Arpagaus, Manfred Dorninger, Christoph Hegg, Andrea Montani, and Roberto Ranzi
Uncertainty propagation for flood forecasting in the Alps: Different views and impacts from MAP D-PHASE