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Open Meetings


Final Open Consultation Meeting

Date: 6th April 2011

Venue: EGU 2011 Vienna


DRIHMS project is present at European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2011 both with a session and with a "splinter room", hosting the DRIHMS Final Meeting.

The goal of Final Meeting is to present the results of the DRIHMS project and the related White Paper.

The meeting is organized as a sequence of talks about the project and subsequent discussion, held in the morning; the presentations are available in the AGENDA.

In the afternoon, the discussion continues in the related event "NH1.6/HS12.8 ICT-based hydrometeorology science and natural disaster societal impact assessment"

The session is intended to attract the interest and promote the discussion between scientists from HMR and ICT communities, together with delegates from relevant European and worldwide stakeholders (European Commission and World Meteorological Organization) about how to further boost the research excellence and competitiveness in the fields of hydrometeorological research and Grid research by bridging the gaps between these two scientific communities. Organized this year for the first time, the session collected 27 very relevant abstracts submitted by key scientists from the hydro-meteorology and ICT communities, that were presented both in the format of posters and oral presentations. In particular the speakers were:

  • Venkatachalam Chandrasekar(Colorado State University)
  • Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (University of Minnesota)
  • Luis Garrote (Technical University of Madrid)
  • Quillon Harpham (HR-Wallingford)
  • Rick Hooper (CUAHSI)
  • Jeff Horsburgh (Utah State University)
  • Nanette Lomarda (World Meteorological Organization)
  • Tiziana Paccagnella (ARPA-SIMC)
  • Evelyne Richard (Laboratoire d'Aerologie)
  • Mathias W. Rotach ( Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics University of Innsbruck)
  • Arnold Tafferner (DLR)
  • Albrecht Weerts (DELTARES)
  • Stefano Nativi (Italian National Research Council and University of Florence)
  • Steven Newhouse (European Grid Initiative) 

Their presentations are available in the AGENDA.



First Open Consultation Meeting

Date: 14-15 th October 2010

Venue: IMATI - CNR Via De Marini 6 Genova, ITALY

The goal of the open consultation meeting is to provide a forum to share necessities and possibilities for the design of a future European Hydro Meteo Research Infrastructure. At this aim both Hydro Meteo and ICT researchers are kindly invited to attend and contribute to the meeting. The meeting is organized within the scope of DRIHMS project. DRIHMS is a Support Action financed by EU in the FP7- Research Infrastructure framework. 

In the DRIHMS framework we are currently addressing different aspects and their cross related issues.

Hydrological and Meteorological topics of interest include:

  • Precipitation downscaling;
  • Probabilistic forecasting; 
  • Model verification metrics;
  • Data merging – fusion.

ICT related topics include:

  • High performance computing provisioning;
  • Workflow management and specification;
  • Virtual Organization Management;
  • Portal and user interfaces;
  • Data visualization;
  • Computational aspects.

  The presentations are available in the AGENDA